Wednesday, 30 July 2014


'iya loves,

I'm a bit late to the hype on this one. I've had these for months but just forgot to blog about them. Better late than never right?! Barry M's Aquarium collection is amazing. There's cool tones and warm tones and then two glitters in the collection. A total of six polishes so if you're like me and have to have every new collection then it'll be a great addition. 

First off you've got the three cool shades which are blue tones and we all know how much I feel about the colour blue I'm obsessed. 

Pacific is a gorgeous vibrant blue which I absolutely love. Possibly my favourite shade. It's metallic and is less duo-chrome than the other blue toned shade in this collection.

 Arabian is a gorgeous turquoise/green toned blue. This one is the one that changes the most due to how the light hits it out of the two blue shades. It's gorgeous and is very different to what I have in my collection.

 This glitter is a gorgeous glitter with particles of green, blue and silver. It looks great on both of the polishes above and it's found a nice home in my nail polish collection.

You can see just how stunning they look on the nails. The first photo is without glitter and the second is with glitter. I only decided to do two nails with glitter and really liked how it came out. I adore these combination. You know me I love my blues!

Moving onto the warm shades in the collection, just as gorgeous and a must for any lovers of pink polishes!

Mediterranean is a gorgeous vibrant pink with undertones of gold and a slight sparkle. As you can see it leans more to the warmer tone of polishes which is great for those of you who love warm toned polishes.

Caspian is a beautiful rose colour with undertones of gold in it. It reminds me a lot of the metal flip colours from Miss Sporty that I adore there's a very similar shade to this in that collection. In some light this looks almost lilac, sometimes green, sometimes beige, gold and pink. It honestly depends on the light. It's one again another more duo-chrome polish which is stunning.

This glitter is called Treasure Chest and I love this one. It's got rose glitter pieces and gold glitter pieces. Effectively it's a rose gold glitter and looks stunning on the nails. It looks amazing with Barry M's gelly hi shine rose hip (coming in a later post) but you'll see how gorgeous it looks paired with other pinks. This is a must I feel for any collector of nail polishes. 

With and without glitter. The top photo without, and the polish looks good on it's own gorgeous. Second photo with glitter again I did the same thing as I did with the blues and stuck to just two nails with the glitter. The glitter looks good with both colours and it is seriously stunning. I own a variety of pinks but I feel these are different to what I have. 

I would totally recommend this collection if you love duo-chrome and metallic polishes. They're all gorgeous and will look great combined or on their own. The polishes themselves retail at £3.99 each which is standard price for their collections. Formula is really good and they're long lasting as all polishes are from Barry M. I'd really recommend these if you don't already have them in your collection! Find them here.

have you tried any of these?!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


'iya loves,

This is not the first Maybelline colour tattoo to feature on here and won't be the last. We all know how much I love them. This one though, is one of my all time favourites and one of my most used. It's a stunning colour and is perfect for everyday to just slap on and go. If you find you've not got enough time to do an eye look in the mornings, this is perfect. Apply some of this blend it out with your finger, add some mascara done. It also creates a great base for pink shadows. I find pink can be a colour that sometimes needs a little help to be more pigmented. It makes pink colours pop! If you ladies have the Naked 3 palette this would be great to use as a base underneath to really make the shadows pop! Failing that you can also build this up to wear alone so you can either go for a more subtle look or a slightly more pigmented one. 
Do you ladies have this in your collection?!
Find it here.


Monday, 28 July 2014


'iya loves,

If you're familiar with my Instagram then you'll know as of lately I've been posting a lot of outfits with Peter Pan collars and a lot of floral has also been happening. This dress came from New Look which I love. It's similar to a couple that have featured already on here. I absolutely love these types of dresses, they're so comfortable they don't cling and are just really nice and flattering. I don't normally go for red due to having red hair sometimes it looks a bit too much and it's overboard. New Look have some gorgeous dresses in at the moment especially if you love your floral prints as much as I do! Saying that Select have some great options too! 
Are you ladies loving the floral trend at the moment?!



'iya loves,

I've mentioned the chocomania range from The Body Shop on my blog before in the form of their shower gel. The last time I went in there I finally signed up for a card. I love me some loyalty cards. I got this free as I could choose any travel sized product free. I love the chocomania scent in general it's good stuff. It's so luxurious and if sweet scents aren't your kinda thing I'd probably give this one a miss. Let's be honest though The Body Shop have body butters down. They're the best I've tried and I always go back to them. They leave my skin feeling moisturised all day. I took this one on holiday with me as it's a smaller size compared to a big ol' tub of it. I will defiantly be getting the full size as soon as I run out of this one because it's a must have for any lover of chocolate scents. Find it here.


Saturday, 26 July 2014


'iya loves,

wow, what a hectic and manic week it's been. I've been off work since Tuesday dealing with painful headaches that have made me literally want to lay in bed and sleep majority of the time. Finally managed to get a Dr's appointment yesterday and hopefully things are on the up. I was able to come in today to do a morning shift which is good because I have missed work. There's nothing worse than being really fed up because you're in pain but you actually just want to go work. I knew it would make me worse though! Typical, new job and new illness. Ah my life. Anyway's I have some really exciting videos coming up for you guys including a make up collection video as I got new storage last weekend. Excited much?! I was really happy to finally give my collection some breathing space because what I was originally working with wasn't working! Not too expensive either but more details when the video goes up! I hope you guys have had a lovely week, it's been a hot, humid, muggy mess of a week here! Below are my two latest videos, enjoy and I'll talk to you Monday!

Boots Haul!

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Tutorial!


Friday, 25 July 2014


'iya loves,

L'oreal's Lumi Magique primer is a radiance primer. It's comparable to MAC's strobe cream only a fraction of the price. If you want a gorgeous radiant glow to the skin this is the primer that you need in your life. When you pump the product out and apply to the face it looks the colour of the packaging and your face looks very shine and almost disco ball like. However once you put foundation on over the top it looks so gorgeous. It makes your skin look so healthy and dewy. I just love the finish it gives. It doesn't make my foundation slip and slide either which is good. When it comes to making my foundation last all day, it does last all day whether that's because of the primer or not I'm not really too sure. However this primer is the one for radiant glowing skin. It's available at Boots and Superdrug and is so affordable. I'd really recommend it to anyone just getting into primers or looking for a new one to try! Find it here for £9.99.


Thursday, 24 July 2014


'iya loves,

Revlon's matte balm in elusive is a gorgeous nude pink that looks good with any eye look and is so easy to just throw on. It's been a colour I've been wearing to work either on it's own or with a gloss over the top. I know it kinda defeats the point of the 'matte' effect but I've been loving the combo lately. I rate these matte balms and I have half of the collection and just dying to get my hands on the rest. Honestly I've gotta have them all! They go on so creamy, not drying on the lips and long-lasting. I can't even stress how much I'd recommend these to you! If you're a lip product addict like me.. honestly get these in your life! Find them here.