Thursday, 17 April 2014


'iya loves,

This is not a new foundation in my collection of many, again I seem to be a hoarder for foundations too. I think it's because I don't really buy high end ones because there are so many great ones at the drugstore. To me it seems silly to pay loads of money for one foundation to just 'test' out when it may be the case that you actually don't like it. Anyway, rant over about that. Maybelline are one of my favourite brands and I own quite a lot from them, mainly foundations and mascaras. This is from their Super Stay line and is their super stay 24 hr foundation in Ivory. I already have two of these in my collection, one in nude, and one in cameo. Both too dark for me at the moment. The one thing I will say about Maybelline is their colour range is completely off. They all seem to be on the yellow side, and don't cater for the incredibly pale skin tones. Although I think there is a lighter shade in this foundation yet can't think of the name to save my life! Anyway, I really enjoy using this foundation. It blends like a dream, covers any imperfections I may have unless they are like a crater on my face in that case I need a full coverage concealer. Sometimes that doesn't even work. SPF 19, which makes it perfect for the hotter months. It's also incredibly long lasting hence the name. Not too sure about the 24hr claim if I'm honest, because I never have a foundation on for that long. I can apply it in the morning, come the evening time it still looks flawless on my skin until I decide to take it off. It's a great offering from Maybelline if you can get your hands on it. What I would say though is don't just guess your shade actually try it out. We all know how much of a pain it is to try and find your shade in the drugstore that's the downside to a drugstore foundation!
Let me know if you've tried anything from this line. There's a newer foundation called 'better skin' which has been added and also a concealer. There's a powder in this line and also some lip products which is pretty awesome too. Coming in at £8.99 it's not bad for a drugstore foundation. Find it here.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


'iya loves,
how are y'all doing today? guess what I just got over laryngitis and I'm sick again... however I'm in the filming mood so I figure I'm going to be some sort of a trooper and film this months Glossybox video for you all and possibly a tutorial. I'm incredibly inspired today and want to do a pop of colour! The Too Faced pretty rebel palette is calling me to do something cray with it. Any of you guys end up having a massive beauty haul sesh and then kinda forget what you've put so a few things get pushed to the back? guilty. I love doing these chit chat posts I feel they're the most effortless posts to do as basically I just ramble my ass off until I'm totally out of steam. So what is happening in the hannmaree household..
It's been pretty busy, we've had Stacey to stay, then Beth, currently Keira and Friday will be Fia. It's the Easter holidays so it's a given that they're currently staying. Any time it's the holidays or half term they all book themselves into stay it's like we're a hotel. My upload schedule on here is working tons better for myself I don't know whether you prefer it but it just means you know exactly what time a new post will be up. It means even if I've got a busy week it allows me to still put content up! I'm getting pretty creative now with my videos as well I've got tons of ideas for spring and summer I'm in a really happy place with my blog and channel. As with anything you start like a blog or channel you hit moments where you just run out of steam and have a complete mind block, power on and you'll get some inspiration.
So with me being sick I've not really been wearing that much make up at all even for work, and days I've not had work I've been sporting a naked face. Yes ladies, it's scary. Joking aside it's allowing my skin to breathe. When I'm sick for some reason my skin just suffers drastically, it gets really dry and I normally don't suffer with dry skin it's a little cray. I plan to use a face mask tonight to try and bring some life back into my dull skin. The holiday is just over five weeks away which is exciting me greatly. I think I'm in need of a break I feel drained and run down. A bit of sun, family time perfect.
I'm also currently going through a phase with my hair. I'm loving wavy/curly hair.. now in my teenage years I used to hate it and I straightened it everyday without fail. Blow drying my hair now it goes straight every time and it's so annoying. I plaited my hair when I got out the shower yesterday and kept it in till today took it out brushed it through and I had a lions mane. I've got effortless beachy waves using no heat. Trust me it works wonders and you have no tangles either. We're finally getting some warmer weather which is fab because I'm dying to wear my shorts, skirts and dresses! I'm going to catch you up with my latest videos and then go charge my camera battery and film!
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'iya loves,

This is a palette I've had in my collection for a while. Now I used this for my birthday last year to create a dramatic bright look. I love the fact these colours are matte because sometimes when working with bold bright colours matte shadows in fact work better. Now typically with a matte eye shadow they can be slightly more difficult to blend but I've found with all of sleeks shadows they blend beautifully. The swatches shown above have no primer, or base under them that is how pigmented they are alone. Pretty damn awesome. This is a fantastic palette if you love bright colours and want to experiment. I'm thinking of using this palette for my Elsa tutorial from Frozen which I want to do. The purple and pink in this palette are perfect. If you were to put a base underneath these colours for example 'milk' from NYX it would make these colours pop even more. Failing that wet your brush and dip it into the shadow and turn into a gel/liquid liner for a pop of colour that isn't too much. Even just applying it to your lash line will just add a bit more fun to your eye look without making it too much. My favourite colours have to be the blues in this palette they're absolutely gorgeous, which just inspires me to do a frozen tutorial! Yes I am obsessed. All of Sleeks palettes retail at £7.99 find them here.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


'iya loves,

One of my absolute favourite colours for summer is Models Own Nail Polish in the shade beach party. It's a gorgeous neon orange which just looks so beautiful. It looks stunning with a tan and my toes are often painted with this colour all summer I love it that much. I am a serious nail polish hoarder honestly, how many nail polishes does one girl need?! apparently every single one! any one else like that? I tend to paint my nails every few days! I like switching it up but I also like a formula that lasts. This is a really nice formula, opaque in just two coats with a nice brush to apply the polish. This normally lasts on my nails for 3-4 days before I get the usual tear and wear, no major chips. I'm really interested in getting some more polishes from Models Own as this one has impressed me so much. You get a lot in the bottle too which I like, even though I normally never finish up a bottle of nail polish. They retail at £5 and you can find them here.

Monday, 14 April 2014


'iya loves,
Ladies, I'm pretty sure you are all familiar with Real Techniques. These are in my opinion the best brushes out there at the drugstore. Amazing quality, affordable (although they aren't like ELF's prices) and a real joy to use. Typically I never stick to the rules when it comes to brushes. As you can imagine I don't just use this one for blush. I tend to use this bronzer, blush, powder and even using the tip for highlighter. On an everyday basis I swirl this round in my bronzer to warm up my face taking it on my cheeks, temples and jaw. I will also use the same brush for blush normally unless I'm using a cream blush. It's a real joy to use as it just blends out bronzer and blush so flawlessly. These brushes also wash really nicely, and so far I've not had any shedding either. At just £9.99 and found at Boots, Superdrug and even asda.. find it here.
What are you favourite RT brushes?

Friday, 11 April 2014


'iya loves,
 You may be thinking what a name for a concealer. Now on the packaging this states it's a heavy duty under eye concealer. It's a cream concealer which tend to normally comes along with creasing and moving about throughout the day. My experience with this concealer is that it doesn't crease under my eyes that's for sure. I always make sure to set with a powder but either way it doesn't slip and slide all over my face. This is a full coverage concealer so if you're not into full coverage this concealer may not be for you. It definitely gets rid of any dark circles under my eyes too. Don't let it put you off using on any blemishes either because it works amazing for those too. I really like the packaging of this concealer as well because inside there's a mirror so it's perfect for on the go. This really is a great concealer, it's creamy, easy to blend and covers amazingly. If you're on the lookout for a new drugstore concealer this may be one for you to try. It comes in at £5.49 and you can find it here.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


'iya loves,

As the name would suggest we are looking at a bright pink lippy. Now this offering comes from Rimmel. Rimmel have some great formulas for their lipsticks. They're affordable and all the ones I've tried have been great. This shade is shade 20 from the Rimmel Kate Moss line. (black tube) This formula is creamy, moisturising, pigmented and glossy. I love this colour I typically wear this on a night out with a smoky eye it's gorgeous. I've also rocked this on the day. Ladies, we know how much I love a bold lip. Again this colour is perfect to add into your collection for the warmer months. You can find it here.